2016: Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend?

2016: Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend?

Diamond Duo
Diamond Duo

Probably the most well-known of all the gemstones and the birthstone of April – the diamond! Shirley Bassey said that they were forever and Marilyn Monroe sang about how they are a girl’s best friend. (True?) Anyway, we think Shirley might be more on the money than she realised with the word ‘diamond’ coming from the Greek for ‘invincible’.

True to its name, the birthstone supposedly passes on strength to the wearer and this is magnified during the birthstone month of April. Also believed to provide healing powers to ensure full strength – if heated and taken to bed, it will draw out toxins. More reason to get the bling out?


We love diamonds at Lee Renee! They come in coloured varieties but tiny white stones are classic and featured in several pieces in interesting ways…

Lee Renee Heart Hoops w Diamonds

The tiny snake eyesor sparkling heart hoops – which do you prefer?

Of course, if there are other pieces in the collections that you love, get in touch with me and I’ll be able to incorporate diamonds into a bespoke version, just for you! Or, create your own, unique design like we did with the gorgeous pendant below.

Either way, April is fantastic time to get your diamonds on and feel the strength and beauty that reflects in each sparkle.

Bespoke Diamond Pendant


Marilyn Monroe – Wikipedia Commons

Diamond – Niki Lok on Flickr

Single Diamond – Michelle Tribe on Flickr

Diamond Chains – Renaud Torres on Flickr

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