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How To Care For Your New Jewellery

We want you to love your Lee Renée jewellery for years to come, so follow our tips to keep your pieces sparkling
+ insider jewellery hacks to make your life easier:

Banana necklace

When not wearing your jewellery, store it in the microfiber pouch provided to minimise the effects of sunlight and the environment. 

The soft pouch can also be used to gently polish your jewellery.

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If your jewellery needs a deeper clean, use a very soft, clean toothbrush, warm water and a small amount of washing-up liquid.

After cleaning carefully, gently dry it with a soft cloth.

Banana necklace

How To Remove Tarnishing

If tarnishing happens to your gold plated or silver jewellery due to exposure from the above, a specialist silver liquid cleaner works on both.

We recommend ‘Town Talk Mild Strength Silver Sparkle’. Simply dip the item for a few seconds and then gently wash it off.

Remove Tarnishing

Top Tip For Untangling A Chain

Untangle A Chain

A speedy way to untangle a knotted chain is with a needle and baby powder.

Shake a little baby powder onto the tangled bit. Take a needle, look for the loosest part of the knot, then work the needle underneath it. Tug very, very gently. You’ll notice how the baby powder makes the chain much more “slippery”. It’ll disentangle in no time.

Afterwards, wash your chain with warm water and mild soap, rinse well and lay out to dry.

Use A Paper Clip To Fasten A Bracelet

Easily Fasten a bracelet

Securing the clasp on a bracelet by yourself can be really frustrating… Well, not any more. Here’s a great way to use a paper clip to put on your bracelet quickly and easily.

Open up the paper clip, thread one end through the jump ring, hold the paper clip in place on your wrist, then use your other hand to close the clasp on the jump ring. Sorted.

Keep Chains From knotting…With A Straw

Stop chains From Tangling

This one’s very handy for when you’re travelling.  Thread your necklace or bracelet through a straw and close the clasp.

Hey presto – you’ll have tangle-free jewellery wherever you go! (remember to store gemstone and diamond jewellery in separate bags so they don’t scratch each other).

Secret To Stop You Losing Stud Earrings

Secret To Stop Losing Stud Earrings

Studs with butterfly backs can be ‘locked’ together so you won’t lose them.
Just thread one of the posts through the other earring’s butterfly back loop, then put that earring’s butterfly back on also, and they become a joined pair for safe keeping.

How To Find Lost Jewellery With Your Vacuum.

How to Find Lost Jewellery

If you lose a small piece of jewellery in your home, secure a pair of tights around the hose end of a vacuum with a rubber band.

This way, you can suck up any little things on the carpet/down the sides of the sofa/bed without them getting swallowed by the hoover.

Banana necklace