The Lightbulb Moment

Nature provides most of my inspiration, whether it be walks in the green spaces of London with my dog Ted, or UK holidays to areas of outstanding natural beauty like The Lakes or The Forest of Dean – there’s always somewhere new to visit and something breathtaking to see that inspires me to create.

Capturing The Idea On Paper

Once an idea strikes I sketch it out quickly so I don’t forget what excites me about the concept, and play around with versions in my head and on paper until I’m satisfied that I’ve captured all the elements.

The Marriage Of Traditional & Cutting–Edge Techniques

Aswell as using the traditional techniques of jewellery making, I also use modern technology and computer aided design (CAD) to bring my ideas to life. The marriage of time-honoured jewellery practices and new, cutting-edge approaches allows me to really push what’s possible in terms of intricate detail and scale in my designs. I make at least 3 prototypes for each of my new pieces, changing subtle features at each stage, adding or taking away certain elements and introducing gemstone considerations like colour and cut, always with wearability and practicality in mind – so crucial in jewellery making as I want my pieces to last a lifetime.

How The Final Design Turns Into Reality

When I’m finally satisfied with the prototype, then I create a master in silver and work closely with a local casting company here in Hatton Garden to create a mould of the finished piece. To find out more about our sustainable approach to handmaking all of our jewellery, please read our ethics page here.