August Birthstone Gift Ideas - Peridot & Spinnel

    August Birthstone Gift Ideas - Peridot & Spinnel
    Peridot has an effect on the emotions, clearing any clouding of the mind and warding off nightmares. A wearer will feel clarity and balance as well as improved self-esteem by removing doubts and fears.
    Spinnels come in a range of dark, rich colours and are believed to encourage great passion, devotion and longevity. Spinel is associated with the root Chakra, increasing physical energy and stamina.
    We have a few pieces that already feature peridot and spinnel, but all our gem-set jewellery can be custom made with these gemstones instead.  Please email us with your bespoke request for a quote. 
    We've included some suggestions of our pieces that would suit a peridot or spinnel gemstone below.