5 of the hottest jewellery trends for Spring Summer 2021

5 of the hottest jewellery trends for Spring Summer 2021

With spring just around the corner it’s no wonder people are searching for new looks to celebrate life out of lockdown. But what does that mean for jewellery? Well, we agree with Vogue Magazine UK, who say the right piece has the ‘ability to lift your mood…and make you look instantly dressed up’.
So if you’re after a little inspiration, here’s 5 of the hottest jewellery trends for Spring Summer 2021.

#1 Beach Vibe Trend - Pearls, Shells & Bold Bananas

Banana necklace
Looking forward to sunnier days ahead, then this year's beach trend is for you.  But forget boring boho beads, 2021's summer jewellery shows off your quirky, relaxed side.  Like this delicate Shell Bracelet and Shell Pearl Necklace - cute and with a freshwater pearl inside (pearls being another of Vogue’s top trends), you can pair it with cut-off denims or those summer BBQ outfits you’ve had since last year.
Fancy being a little bolder? Our Banana Necklace gives you the edgy look you’re after.

#2 Birth Flower Jewellery Trend - Symbolic Statement Pieces

poppy earrings
While birthstone rings are still huge, experts predict that the birth flower necklace, earring and ring trend will bloom this year. Born in June? This elegant Rose Necklace, with six intricate roses nestled in a circle pendant, adds a touch of personalisation to the classic halo necklace.
Looking for August birthday gifts? These Birth Flower Poppy Earrings symbolise peace and resurrection, and give any outfit a classic feel.
For February birthdays you could combine the trends of birthstone and birthflower and gift our Dahlia Bud Amethyst ring.

#3 Single Statement Earring Trend - Fresh, Fun, Fabulous

banana leaf earrings
After so much time on Zoom, the statement earring has made an unsurprising comeback. And I’ve got three ways ways it can work for you. Our 3 Earring Set includes a Rose Slider, a Rose Stud and a Tourmaline Stud - perfect for adding a little asymmetrical sparkle.
Our Ladybird Climber Earring features 4 uniquely designed ladybirds, and can be paired with our Ladybird Studs for a cute asymmetrical look.
Our Banana Leaf Single Earring looks stunning with a classic hoop earring or studs.

#4 Dramatic Diamonds - A Girl’s Best Friend

cherry blossom ring
Bringing some much-needed glamour, diamond jewellery is very 2021. If you’re after something a little different, our show-stopping Diamond Cherry Blossom Ring features a faceted brilliant cut diamond designed to sparkle as it catches the light.
Our Diamond Bar Earrings, available with white or black diamonds, can be worn at any angle for a unique look.

#5 Bangles Are Back - Big, Bold, Bling

snake bangle
Gold bangle bracelets are going to be everywhere this year - and our Snake Emerald Bangle, featuring two snakes intertwined around a delicate base, stands out thanks to its bright green emerald eyes.

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