5 top-tips to take beautiful Instagram photos

5 top-tips to take beautiful Instagram photos

We have just launched our competition to win an awesome £200 of Lee Renee jewellery https://leerenee.co.uk/blog-feed/win200ofleereneejewellery  by uploading your gorgeous images of Lee Renee pieces to social media. To give you a helping hand for this and all your ‘lifestyle’ shots in the future, we’ve put together some tips. Use these when taking your photos and hello Instagram-worthy pictures of your favourite looks!

1.       Pick the best time of day for soft white light

This would usually be early in the morning or later in the afternoon. Although bright noon light looks great to our eyes, it comes across badly in photographs creating bright white and harsh shadows. With the contrast between light and dark you lose detail and colour too – not ideal.

A soft white is known as ‘natural light’ and is flattering for all skin tones too. Jess Scarratt https://www.instagram.com/jessscarratt/ did a great job with the photo below, featuring our Cactus Necklace.

lee renee cactus necklace

2.       Get to know your camera phone

The latest smartphones have incredible cameras on them and rival a lot of point and shoots (basic ones where you don’t change lenses). Google your phone model and ‘camera settings tips’ and you’re bound to find a smart so-and-so who will have fiddled before and has written a crash course. If you have a ‘pro’ mode or something similar, you can play around with close ups and brightening images all before you have pressed the shutter.

If you have a DSLR (fancy camera where you can change lots of settings and use interchangeable lenses) then you absolutely must research how to make the most of the lens you use. You won’t need expensive equipment to get stunning photos, just a bit of know how.

Fashion Blogger Rebecca A.K.A 'A Clothes Horse', wearing our Ruby lip pendant necklace

Fashion Blogger Rebecca A.K.A 'A Clothes Horse', wearing our Ruby lip pendant necklace

3.       Think about the background

When you are photographing your outfit, you may not think so much about the colour of the floor or what’s on the wall behind you. But if you are thinking smaller scale by photographing jewellery, you might want to think how a shiny metal table will make it blend in. Ever seen a ring photo with severely chipped nail polish? We have! Keep nails neat by either having them painted or un-painted.

When it comes to necklaces, we love what blogger, A Clothes Horse https://www.instagram.com/aclotheshorse/ has done below and framed our Lee Renee Ruby Lip Pendant Necklace https://leerenee.co.uk/lee-shop/ruby-lip-pendant-necklace with a coordinating coloured top. The wide necklace and front on shot create a wonderful frame for the piece.

lee renee ruby lip pendant necklace

4.       It’s all in the detail

Close up shots work beautifully for jewellery as you would often miss the detail otherwise.  When Miss Alice Joy https://www.instagram.com/missalicejoy/ took this image below of the Lee Renee Shark Jawbone ring, https://leerenee.co.uk/lee-shop/shark-jawbone-ring-gold-vermeil we were amazed by how crisp and in focus it was – you really can appreciate the detail of the handmade piece. To get such a focused photo, you can use a tripod with a camera and mini versions for camera phones to steady it.

Lee Renee shar kjawbone ring

5.       Try different angles

It’s all too easy to think about how we see jewellery on ourselves or other people. But don’t be scared to get experimental and try photographing from a different point of view. You can show off a piece by holding it suspended in the air or laying in an unusual setting. You’ll never know unless you try!

a clothes horse lee renee ruby lip necklace
Lee Renee Diamond 'Smile' slider earring

Lee Renee Diamond 'Smile' slider earring

We really want to see your pictures and please let us know if you used any of our tips above to help make them zing.

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If you’re sharing, don’t forget the hashtag #leerenee because that gets you entry into this month’s competition… With a chance to win £200 worth of jewellery, you better get snapping! 

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