August Birthstone: Peridot

August Birthstone: Peridot

The collection of green rock above may surprise you… it isn’t all peridot. Instead it is a combination of stones that are composed of the same elements and only the biggest, most transparent and beautifully bright grassy green, can be called peridot gems.

While forsterite olivine is the scientific term for these stones, we much prefer the romance of the name peridot of the gem quality stones and all the associated benefits of wearing them.

It’s thought to attract money to you as well as positive gifts and events. Hard to resist a stone that promises you this..?

Peridot has an effect on the mind and emotions, clearing any clouding of the mind and warding off nightmares. A wearer will feel clarity and balance as well as improved self esteem by removing doubts and fears.

Those who believe that gems provide energy by vibrating at different levels, say that peridot is an active and high energy gem – wonderfully matched to the passion associated with the August starsign Leo, the lion. It is associated with the heart chakra (for its effect on the emotions) and strongest when worn over this area – so peridot makes a perfect pendant on a necklace.

Finding these stones first were the Egyptians and sources have been found over the south states of Northern America. Where there is lots of olivine, there may only be a few small peridot quality stones. The largest gem ever  found lives in the Smithsonian Museum and weighs in at 310 carats!


We love the idea that this is a sassy and confident stone – much like the women we want to be and surround ourselves with at Lee Renee. For its beauty and its uses, peridot seems to be a smart choice and especially for those lucky enough to be born under the August moon.


TOP Natural Peridot: James St John on Flickr

Large piece of peridot (cropped): Kevin Walsh on Flickr

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