CELEBRATING 8 YEARS: We're still standing (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!)

CELEBRATING 8 YEARS: We're still standing (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!)

Lee Renee Jewellery

To paraphrase Elton John, we’re still standing. Yes, 8 years after setting up Lee Renee, we’re still going strong - thanks to you lovely lot.

For those of you who don’t know, I haven't always been a jewellery designer. I actually started off in the heady world of advertising before making the switch. Yes, it was scary and harder than I ever thought, but I love what I do and can’t imagine doing anything else.

It took 5 years of retraining and studying while working a second job, followed by an apprenticeship with two of Hatton Garden’s most amazing jewellers, before I was brave enough to go for it and set up as an independent, ethical jewellery maker in July 2012.

But here we are. 8 years later. 100s of designs in. A studio in Hatton Garden. A fabulous assistant called Esh who helps me make all your jewellery. And with the cutest studio labradoodle ever. Blimey, who’d have thought it?

So first of all, thank you. To each and every person who’s checked out my website, bought one of my designs, left a review or clicked on one of those little hearts on Insta or Facebook. You don’t know just how much your support and kind words mean.

And secondly, if there’s anything I’d share from my experience with all you budding creatives and career switchers out there, it’s this: Never give up, it might take longer than expected but it will bring you so much joy when you get there. Oh yes, and get a dog - they really do change your life.

Thanks again - and here’s to the next 8 years,

Lee Renee xxx

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