February Birthstone: Amethyst

February Birthstone: Amethyst


Lucky February birthdays - the gemstone Amethyst (actually a purple quartz) has been loved for millennia with gold and amethyst rings discovered from as early as 2400BC. Here are the 5 facts we love most about this gem 1.After a little digging(!) we discovered the most common uses for the rock. Believed to help with headaches and clearing the mind, it can be worn as jewellery or kept within your environment for good effect. Think vases or paperweights in the office to keep you focused.


2. Amethyst naturally forms in large clusters in spaces in the rock – called geodes.

3. It does mean that experts don’t class it into carats but instead insist on depth of purple. With jagged long crystals and colourful reflections of light, we think it is stunning to look at, regardless of the shade!

4. For centuries it was believed to be a ‘sobering’ crystal and amethyst has been favoured by royalty and the church. These roots may come from its name – roughly translating as no intoxication in Greek. Or from the fact that it was believed you could not get drunk from wine in an amethyst cup…

5.  Although we don’t recommend you try testing the latter, it certainly is a beautiful gemstone to wear and a favourite in the Lee Renee collections.


The Voodoo Collection boasts several beautiful designs using amethyst. The gorgeous little Skull Earrings or necklace with Amethyst are a popular choice. Alternatively in silver, the Arrow Ring has a similar striking look.

If you are looking for a gold art deco design, the Halo Necklace with its bullet shaped amethyst pendantis perfect! Handmade to produce movement, this little piece will make you feel in touch with your holistic self.


In summary - it looks great, helps you feel great. Amethyst, we salute you.

*Lifestyle shots courtesy of Annielka.com

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