How To Rock the Statement Jewellery Trend

How To Rock the Statement Jewellery Trend

With jewellery being one of the easiest ways to accessorise, it’s no surprise that statement jewellery is set to stay on trend throughout the entire year.

Adding a statement piece of jewellery to an outfit is a fun way to switch things up a little and draw an entire outfit together. If you’re not quite used to rocking the whole statement jewellery trend, take a look at some of our top tips on how to pull it off.

Less is more - When it comes to statement jewellery, it’s all about being selective – especially if you’re a newbie to the whole trend. It’s a common phrase, but less really is more! Don’t overcrowd yourself with several statement jewellery pieces; instead choose one piece to focus on. So, if you’re choosing a statement necklace – forget the earrings and bracelets, you don’t want to detract from the statement piece so keep it simple and choose your favourite statement jewellery piece to show case.

Be hands on – you can rock the statement jewellery trend easily by choosing a bold and beautiful, statement ring to wear. Eye catching rings are perhaps the simplest way of wearing statement jewellery, just choose your favourite style and design to compliment your outfit and pop it on. Of course, this draws attention to your hands so make sure you have a fresh coat of nail polish on and you’re good to go.

Be bold – don’t be afraid to play around with colours, after all the whole point of statement jewellery is to make a statement! Jewellery lets you have fun with fashion and choose fun and bold colours all year round, whether it’s summer or winter, and as 'Blue is the new black' for this A/W it's a great way of injecting some bright blue into your look, as with these Miami Lapis Lazuli statement earrings.  So be bold with your choices and don’t be afraid to venture into the world of colour. It doesn’t have to match your outfit, clashing colours are perfectly acceptable, in fact clashing colours, brights and bolds are trends in themselves.

Stack em’ up – arm candy will always be a fabulous fashion trend with celebrities and fashion designers alike, loving some wrist décor! Stacking simple bracelets together is a great way to create your own unique statement bracelet. Try layering up different colours and tones to create some great statement arm candy. If you’re stacking them up sticking to one arm and leave the other wrist bare is the perfect option, this way you won’t overdo things.

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