My Top 5 London Places For Nature Lovers

My Top 5 London Places For Nature Lovers

It's nice to get your Zen back and recharge your batteries in the beautiful green spaces of London town. Now I have a pooch to entertain, it's my favourite thing to do.

Forest Walk With Dog

Lots of my jewellery is inspired by nature, I find it a very rich theme to explore and the beautiful organic shapes lend themselves well to being replicated in gold and silver.  Here are a few of my favourite nature-inspired pieces below - plus my top 5 green spaces in London for nature lovers.

Rose Ring

Rose Ring

1. Kenwood House Gardens, Highgate

kenwood house highgate

 Cherry Blossom Ring

Beautiful any time of the year but particularly pretty in spring as lots of the rhododendron bushes flower bright tropical colours.  There's some stunning gardens and woods to get lost in, plus a fab tea room with the most delicious ice cream. Take a picnic, sit on the hill and admire the lake.

2. Regent's Canal Walk from Camden to Little Venice

regents canal walk little Venice

 Dragonfly Necklace

Dragonfly Necklace

Tranquil and exhilarating is how I'd describe this walk in the same breath. You walk through the bustling Camden stables food market (and inhale some amazing food as you're passing through), then walk along the canal to Little Venice.  You'll see some great street art, plus hear and see tropical birds of London Zoo, then onto picturesque Little Venice and all the unique narrow boats and floral wonder along the way. This walk never disappoints.

3. Hill Garden & Pergola, Hampstead

hampstead pergola
Dahlia Necklace
Dahlia Opal Necklace

Just off from Hampstead Heath, this is such a pretty little park and walk off the beaten track - so picturesque that lots of people opt to have their wedding photos taken here.  You can admire the gardens and gawp at the billionaire's houses either side.

4. Ladies Pond, Hampstead Heath

 Swallow Necklace

Swallow Necklace

Secluded and idyllic, like something from 'Swallows and Amazons', it's a life affirming experience to go to Hampstead Ladies Pond and very popular with nature swimmers.  No male gaze, just lots of joy and encouragement, swimming whilst little moorhens and ducks pass you by, and sunbathing in a private area round the back of the pond - thoroughly recommend you get some of your girlfriends together and a bottle of Rose on a summer's day and check this one out - no dogs is the only downside, and you need to book in advance on busy days.

5. Queen Mary's Rose Garden, Regent's Park

queen marys rose garden regents park

Rose Necklace

If you love roses then this one can not be missed.  Queen Mary's Rose Garden would make a very romantic spot for a proposal.  A secret little park within Regent's Park. No pooches unfortunately, but the perfect spot for some R&R.

Do message me below if you go to any of my top London spots, I love to hear about your adventures :)

Lee x

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