NEW floral pieces launched for Summer

NEW floral pieces launched for Summer

I wanted to introduce you to some new floral pieces I’ve been working on - they’re the perfect summer accessories designed to make you feel uplifted and add detail to that pretty tea dress you’ve been wanting to wear for months :)

Cherry Blossom Necklace

There’s a gorgeous poppy diamond necklace and a cherry blossom diamond necklace - both add a delicate sparkle when they catch the light and are available in gold vermeil and solid gold options to suit all budgets. Plus a matching poppy diamond ring and cherry blossom diamond ring - slightly larger than our previous versions for those who like their rings to be more of a statement piece.

Poppy Ring
We also have 2 new beautiful dahlia necklaces, one set with opals, the other plain. These necklaces are very flattering to wear and really go with any outfit combo.
Opal Necklace
Plus we have a new poppy and poppy seedpod necklace - exquisitely detailed and sure to put a smile on your face :)
Poppy Necklace
I hope you have a wonderful summer, and please do tag @leereneejewellery in your instagram posts when you’re wearing our jewels, I LOVE to see how you style them x

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