New : Our Engagement Ring Collection

New : Our Engagement Ring Collection

cherry blossom diamond ring

We love to be part of your life journeys and precious moments, so we created 5 beautiful diamond engagement rings that will make you say 'I do!'😍
Inspired by nature, they've been 2 years in the making, perfecting every detail to create a stunning range of proposal rings you will treasure forever.


ivy diamond ring


To accommodate all wants and budgets, we've created these rings in recycled gold options of 9ct, 14ct and 18ct in yellow, rose and white gold.

Plus the diamonds come in a range of sizes of 0.5ct, 0.75ct and 1ct.


Rose Diamond Ring


We've worked predominantly on this collection with lab-grown diamonds of  D/E colour and VS clarity, with excellent cut, polish and symmetry. 
Lab-grown diamonds have exactly the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined diamonds, and they are just as real and beautiful, but lab diamonds are a more responsible, traceable and sustainable choice.
They also offer excellent value compared to natural diamonds of similar size and quality.


Cherry Blossom Ring



Marquise Diamond Ring


Designed as both an engagement ring, or simply a luxury keepsake to cherish, we hope you love our new fine ring collection 🤗.


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