September Birthstone: Sapphire

September Birthstone: Sapphire

Sapphires are the cousin of July birthstone Ruby   – all made from the same elements known together as corundum. While the red stones are designated rubies, all other colours are variations of sapphires.

But none quite so well recognised as the deep dark blue gems that were named sapphire originally by civilisations who used the word ‘sapphirus’ meaning (simply) blue.

Long associated with royals and the church, you can spot sapphires adorning famous historical figures across the centuries. More recently, Queen Victoria included them as the centrepiece to her diamond wedding tiara.

And Kate Middleton’s ring has become inspiration for sapphire replicas all over the world… Originally given to Princess Diana as an engagement ring, it has found a place in the modern royal family too. A stunning sapphire surrounded by diamonds – absolutely beautiful!

But why these blue gems? For centuries the sapphire has been associated with peace, patience and sincerity. These high power figures would wear the stone to stop envy and for protection against other evil.

So adored and so blue, it was believed that the world rested on a large sapphire that reflected upwards, forming the beautiful blue sky.


Bringing peace to the mind and body, they are believed to help in mental illness and inflammatory disorders. Shavings of sapphire were used by the wealthy as part of a treatment for fevers. Now, we think it’d be a waste of such lovely gems… 

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