She Says: Bride to Be

She Says: Bride to Be


With Spring having suddenly appeared, the wedding celebrations are quickly going to be upon us! If you are a lucky newly engaged bride-to-be, you likely have a head full of ideas, numbers and organisation. There is one aspect we can help with: the dress. Regardless of what styles you like, everyone has to start somewhere. We've got insider advice from bridal shop owner, Stephanie Hanks...  

Bride to Be Duo

Bride to Be Duo

Hi Stephanie – we’re so glad you could squeeze us in during primetime bridal season! How long have you been in the bridal business?

I am delighted to talk to you! We have owned our shop for 27 years now and I have been running it for the last 7 years. The business has got busier and busier every year.

Just briefly, what’s the biggest piece of advice you have for brides starting to look?

The best advice I can give a bride is to have an open mind and be guided by experienced bridal staff working in the bridal shops. The experienced staff at Bride To Be will very often encourage a bride to try on a dress that she doesn’t think she will like, as they know it will suit her – but once it’s on her – hey presto, she loves it!

But most of all, try to keep everything in perspective!  You are marrying the love of your life and that is THE most important thing, try not to get too stressed on the minutiae and allow yourself to enjoy the whole experience.

And is it as simple as certain body shapes suit certain dress styles..?

It isn’t really that simple unfortunately! For example, brides may need to satisfy mum or dad (who might be paying for the dress and have always had a picture of what their little girl will look like on her wedding day). The groom hates lace? OK, so a different fabric would need to be thought about. Or brides may envision themselves wearing a lace fishtail, but in reality, a soft A-line organza gown is much more flattering.

Another common situation is that the bride’s favourite dress may be too similar to her best friend who got married recently… Then practically, if the wedding is taking place in a very hot country or on the beach, you’ll need a ‘venue appropriate’ dress.

There are a whole host of scenarios that we take into account, when a bride is choosing her gown!



Have you noticed any specific trends in what people are looking for in a dress this year?

This year so far, lace is still  very on trend, however more and more girls are after a ‘softer’ look, but between you and me… they like the soft look on the outside, but they want the fabulous internal corsetry on the inside (which is so flattering!) that many good dresses have.

Lace Duo

Lace Duo

And in-keeping with all our interviews - “She Says to have a happy wedding day…”

Try to enjoy wearing your gorgeous wedding gown! It will have been fitted to you like a glove.  Feel confident in it! Try to keep calm and not get too stressed over small things.

Enjoy your fun filled day, with all of your friends and family around you; they are there because they LOVE you!

Thank you so much Stephanie!

One area we can and LOVE to help brides-to-be and couples with is the engagement and wedding rings. Lee loves designing pieces that are as unique as you are and creating pieces that you will wear and treasure forever - it gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling inside! Here's an engagement ring Lee recently made for a private customer - at 0.90 carat brilliant cut round diamond, set in a swirling, elegant platinum setting.

small images

small images

After an initial consultation, Lee will present you with an illustration of your chosen design for you to approve, involve you in gem selection and throughout to make sure you are completely happy with the finished result.

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