This post could brighten your day

This post could brighten your day


The days are dark yet we’re told  “The shortest day is over!” – so why is it that it still feels so difficult to get out of bed in the morning? Britain isn’t known for glorious sunshine and the little light we do get in winter, isn’t made of the same summer rays. So make it a resolution (let’s face it, who hasn’t already failed the New Year’s one) to adopt one of these ideas to brighten your day.

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Reflect what little light shines

As a hoarder of anything beautiful that hangs, I don’t have many bare walls. But if you have a room that doesn’t get much sunlight it should be taken advantage of. Invest in a large, light reflecting mirror. Enough of your salary goes on your home, make it somewhere you’d actually like to spend time, instead of simply hibernating throughout the season.

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Up the saturation on your food

In winter, it is really easy to stick to stodgy, functional food. Feels great in the short term but isn’t happy or healthy down the deficient road. Add something colourful to your day – think berries, squash, greens and all the gorgeous seasonal produce that’s available at this time of year - It’ll give you something nutritional and satisfying that you wouldn’t      otherwise get.<img src="get outside.jpg" alt="get outside" />

Get outside

Yes, it may seem counterintuitive… but as many beauty experts have told us before, heated rooms can play havoc with your skin. Taking a quick breather outside energises, focuses the mind and gives you an excuse to get comfortably wrapped up in thick knits.

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