Your Top 5 Jewellery Picks For Spring

Your Top 5 Jewellery Picks For Spring

They say the customer is Queen, and we couldn’t agree more. Especially since you lovely ladies have such fabulous taste!

Spring is here (apparently) so cheer yourself up with some of our cute tiny treasures. Here are your top five picks for Spring:

1.      Duck Feather Hoop Earrings silver- Business from the front, quirky fun from the side. The duck feather earrings are perfect for literally any occasion.


2.      Butterfly Choker- Dainty in both gold vermeil or silver, our favorite part is that while moving about (let’s be honest, we always are) the wings appear to move up and down.

3.      Swallow Earrings- These delicate earrings are subtle enough for everyday wear, but add a playful touch to any outfit.

4.      Double-Sided Shell & Pearl Necklace- We won’t pull a Steinbeck on you and make you go diving for your own pearl. Here, you simply reap the rewards of a classic stone reinterpreted in a youthful way.

5.      Peruvian Bracelet- At Lee Renee, we love when our accessories transition as seamlessly as we do, from work to play, back to work again. The Peruvian bracelet is a proper workhorse of an accessory, and clearly you liked it just as much as we did.

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